McGhee Engineering is the largest engineering firm in Guthrie, Kentucky

That statement has been a running joke since Mike started the firm in his dining room in Guthrie in 1995. We get asked sometimes why an engineering firm would locate in a tiny Kentucky town rather than in a larger city. The answer is fairly simple. First, very few of our clients care where our office is located as long as we provide quality work on time and on budget. By being in an inexpensive office in Guthrie rather than in an expensive high-rise in a large city, we have a much lower overhead rate than most of our competitors. This translates to more time that we can spend on both development of a project, and later on its design and implementation. It also allows us to achieve a lower overall project cost for our clients. If the bright lights (and high rent, and traffic, and so on) are important to you, we may not be the answer. But if you are looking for experienced engineers who provide obsessively attentive service at a reasonable cost, we'd love to talk to you.

Quality Civil Engineers for

Over 25 Years

EST 1995

Our Firm

Detail Oriented

We take great pride in our comprehensive approach to helping our clients through the planning, design and construction process.

Cost Effective

Our low-overhead business model allows us to use our resources to maintain the most current technology and allows our experienced engineers to spend more time on your project.


With three professional engineers on staff, each with over twenty years of experience, and over 50 completed million-dollar-plus projects, we have the resources to successfully navigate the most complicated projects.